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  1. Welding Inspection Services

We provide complete Welding Inspection Services for; procured items, fabricated equipments, pipes, tanks, pressure vessels etc. used in Industries like; Chemical, Petro-chemical, Process, Sugar, Steel, Power, Nuclear, Automobile, Marine, Aviation & in the engineering Industry in general, as per the requirements of the applicable codes, standards & or Customers requirements.The inspection of welding jobs, is done by AWS / CSWIP Certified Welding Inspectors.

  1. Welding Consultancy Services

SRI acts as welding consultant for a variety of manufacturing industries including medical, aerospace, automotive, and industrial.  As a welding consultant, we work with our clients and assist them with the welding process from start to finish.  We are often involved with projects where our welding consultant expertise is used for weld failures and process inconsistencies.

We provide a wide array of  welding consultancy services to our client through our welding consulting unit. We have a number of well trained welding experts who are certified by various agencies like American Welding Society (AWS), CSWIP, American Society for Non Destructive Testing (ASNT) and others. The Services, we provide include;

  • Preparing for complete Welding Requirements & Documentations

Preparing & Establishing Welding Procedure Specification WPS/WPQT, Procedure Qualification Specification (PQS), Welder Qualification Record (WQR) And PQR Services. The Welding Procedure Specification is a required document for all code welding. Your customer either directly or indirectly specifies to what code your company must qualify. The WPS outlines all of the parameters required to perform your welding operation. In short the WPS is the recipe for your welding operation.

  • Certification of materials and welding consumables

Brand Approval of Welding Machines, accessories & Consumables by 6G Qualified Welders / AWS / CSWIP Certified Welding Inspectors.

  • Weld Process Development

Once part design, material selection, and process selection have been finalized, weld process development can proceed.  The first step in process development includes design of fixtures, selection of welding equipment, selection of filler metals (for soldering and brazing), and selection of shielding gases.  Selection of these factors often depends on production rate (parts per hour).  Once all the factors have been finalized, weld process development can be initiated with available parts.  Process development can be conducted at the clients site or at WJM Technologies and its partners facilities.  A detailed report discussing all steps of the process development is submitted to the client.

  • Weld Process Optimization

Often a client is already in the production mode for a welding process but is not getting satisfactory results; either poor yield or inconsistent results.  WJM Technologies assists the clients by conducting a thorough on-site review of the welding process.  The review usually leads to short-term and long-term recommendations.  In the short-term, every attempt is made to bring the process in control either with minor modifications of the weld schedule or suitable changes to electrode materials, electrode design, or shielding gas.  In the long-term, recommendations are submitted in a written report for suitable changes to part design, materials, equipment, or process.

  1. Third Party Welding Inspection Services

We undertake Third Party Inspection of Welding Jobs, which is done by well experienced, AWS / CSWIP Certified Welding Inspectors, right from  Factory, Facilities & Capability Inspection.  ( FFCI ), Raw Material Procurement Inspection. ( RMPI), Initial Production / Construction Inspection (IPI),In Process OR Production / Construction Monitoring Inspection (PMI) to Final Pre-Shipment Inspection ( PSI ), so as to ensure products as per the requirements of the applicable codes, standards & or Customers requirements, at a very reasonable rates.

  1. Welding Training, Qualification Certification & Placement Services

We  provide Welder Qualification Training, Certification & Placement Services for welders.

( For Further details, kindly refer our Training & Placement Services )

  1. Welding Manpower Supply Services

We have database of freshers and experienced welders and engineers with us. We can arrange manpower for the needy customers. We also provide manpower for contract jobs.