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The Corporates Best Run Worldwide, are Excelled By,  ” THE RIGHT TALENTS ON THE RIGHT JOBS ! ” 


Dear Employers,                                                                  

 Welcome to,  Smart & Reliable Placement and Manpower Services, for getting ;


If you wish to be the best run corporate, you need to have the Right Talents, on the Right Jobs. A lot of Time, Money & Growth is lost by organizations due to improper & incompetent talents.

We at,  Smart & Reliable Group, have a mission to equip our Customers worldwide with;  The Right Talents, with the right skills, traits, nature & capabilities required for the Right Jobs, so as to help them to make the most out of their resources available, through efficient & highly productive human resources. [showhide type=”one” more_text=”Read More” less_text=”Read Less” hidden=”yes”]

Due to the vast unemployment, the current job market is very difficult on job seekers – and so equally tough on the employers, trying to find the Right Talents, with the required skills, traits, nature & capabilities, from the crowd claiming & posing to be so.

Our network & resources enable us to source the best of the talents & our extensive reference checking & our skilled staff that have developed proven search and interview techniques to identify the best of the professionals in their field enables us to select and refer only candidates of the highest caliber ideally matching your needs.

For better screening, as per the requirements of our clients, we also make use of psychometric testing & finger print analysis to make you aware of the hidden strengths, traits & nature. [/showhide]

Our services are designed to meet the needs of both large and small scale businesses. 

We provide Smart & Reliable Solutions for all your Placement & Manpower Requirements. However, Our specialty is in providing;  Fresh & Experienced – Science, Engineering, & other Graduate and undergraduates, well trained, qualified & duly Certified in the below fields ; ( Click Below To Explore Candidates Available)

Freshers   |    NDT & QA/QC Related  |   Shipping & Off-Shore  |  Facility & Security Management  |   Others

Our Aim is to provide perfect talents required by the industry, hence we undergo verification, screening,  interview & shortlisting strictly as per our Clients requirements. Further if required by our Clients, We also provide Psychometric Testing & Finger Print Analysis Services, so as to find out the hidden Traits, Qualities & Strengths of the candidates.

 We believe in honest dealings & Fair practices & we wish to provide service only to those Employees & Employers, who believe in Honesty & Fair practices.

If you desire services provided by a result oriented team, that values honesty, fair practices, high performers and continues to make a difference? Then it’s time to experience, Smart & Reliable Placement and Manpower Services.


  • We assist the employers in the verification & due diligence process, however finally it shall be the Employers own responsibility to verify the details of the applicant in every manner and we shall not responsible in any way, for any wrong, misbehavior, cheating, fraud, misrepresentation or legal issues committed from either sides.
  • Our placement service is subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.

Kindly provide the detailed information of your requirements, so as to enable us to get a perfect match for your requirements