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Placement & Life-Time support from SR-IIT


Dear Friends,

Placement Services
We don’t only train you & leave you after the Certification, but through our placement services, if you don’t have a job, we assist you for getting on the job Training, after completion of the course, with stipendiary payment & thereafter, after gaining 6 To 12 Months experience, we guide & provide assistance for getting good opportunities in India & Abroad, as ; NDT – INSPECTORS / TECHNICIANS & SUPERVISORS.

Note : We assist you for further on the job training & placement AND we are sure, about it because we do it. Till date, all the students trained in our institute have been placed, within a period of one month, from the date of completion of our NDT Package Training Course (UT/RT/MT & PT). However still, we do not wish to get anyone enrolled on the promise of placement, as you may appreciate getting a job is a complex function of the client’s requirements, when the students pass the examination, student’s performance in the interview etc.
( To know more, kindly refer our Placement Services )

Life Time Support

We are a company with strong ethical values & sense of belonging, once a student joins our group, completes his training & Certification, the student becomes our brand ambassador, uplifting our image & credentials, hence we provide life time support to their candidates with regards to the training, practicals, guidance for Level III exams & other opportunities available for future advancement & progress, and moreover so because, we are into training as well as placement.

The Candidates Trained & Certified by the Company continues to receive our support forever !