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Career, Growth & Advancement Prospects


Dear Friends,

Now-a-days any Plain Academic Qualification, let it be BA, B-Com, Bsc, Diploma, BE, B-Tech OR even MBA doesn’t give you a job, as there are plenty with the same qualifications, unless you have some specialized skills & Certifications.

SR-IIT, Mumbai, Based in Mulund (East) offers; 

JOB ORIENTED – SHORT TERM “ NDT INSPECTION COURSES ”, which make Candidates eligible to work in India & Abroad, as ;

NDT.Inspectors / NDT Supervisors & NDT. Managers. A Really VERY GOOD CAREER FOR BE, Diploma, ITI, HSC, Graduates in any discipline as well as for S.S.C. candidates with an understanding of English.


1) Lucrative Job Opportunities & Career prospects in India & Abroad , for all Academic Levels; – S.S.C to Graduates (Any Discipline). SSC, HSC candidates get job as NDT Inspectors & BSC, Diploma & BE candidates as NDT Supervisors & Managers.

NOTE : Please note that, the NDT Jobs are available only to those persons, who are trained, qualified & certified as NDT Level I / II OR Level III & even a BE/B-Tech/ME/M-Tech candidate is not allowed to work as a NDT Level II or Level III, unless he undergoes the required training, passes the exams, qualifies & is certified as NDT Level I / II OR Level III, as per the requirements of the governing documents, guidelines, recommendations, codes & standards.

2) Unlimited growth & advancement prospects ;

  • There are about 15 NDT Methods, as of now & about 15 Techniques in which one can do Level I/II & the same may go on increasing with further technological advancements.
  •  To start with a candidate can do Level I/II in the four basic methods i.e. Ultrasonic Testing / Radiographic Testing (RT) / Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) & Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT).
  • Then subsequently, he can go on doing Level I/II, in other conventional methods, which can increase his pay package.
  • A NDT Level II or Level III person can do other linked specialized courses like PA/TOFD/AWS/CSWIP/B-Gas/NACE etc.

2) NDT Level III – All Capable students, from BE to SSC can appear for Level III exams after & can rise up to the NDT Level III position.
3) Start their own NDT Business – Certified NDT Level II & Level III enterprising students can start their own NDT Business.
4) Added field edge –  Technical Qualified, B-Tech & M-Tech Professionals get an added field edge & find preference over others, in getting selected at Interviews & Jobs.

Moreover, today, it is expected that;  All personnel involved in the manufacturing industry as well as operators of various types of plants (power generation, petrochemical, etc.) and users of major industrial products are well aware of Inspection fundamentals. Right from the designer to the maintenance engineer, the knowledge of Inspection is becoming indispensable.


  • Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing
  • Shipping Maintenance & Manufacturing
  • Smelters & Foundries
  • Rolling & Forging Mills
  • Petro Chemical & Refineries
  • Mining & Mineral Processing
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Manufacturing
  • Engineering Firms
  • Research & Development Facilities
  • Education & Training
  • Equipment Manufacture & Sales
  • Maintenance, Service & Repair of Equipment
  • Service Inspection Companies



1. Ensures products Integrity, and Reliability

2. Ensures Customer Satisfaction, maintains the manufacturer’s reputation & brings in increased business.

3. Aids in better product design & thus saves cost in excess material required for overdesigning

4. Controls manufacturing processes

5. Ensures better quality level, which in turn caters to the general increase in performance expectancy of the Customers.

6. Lowers manufacturing costs, by avoiding losses due to processing of defective raw material

7. Ascertains operational readiness of material, parts & components.

8. Ever increasing safety consciousness & requirements

9. Avoids accidents, prevents failures and saves property & life

In the early days of industrialization, such knowledge was gained by experience only. However it is well established now that proper knowledge can be efficiently acquired only by undergoing professional, organized training including both theory & practical and ‘hands on’ experience in the field. Also, it is not enough just to acquire the required knowledge and skill, but it is equally important to ‘prove’ that the acquired ‘knowledge and skill’ can be used properly. This ‘proving’ requirement has led to various ‘CERTIFICATION’ programs for specific sets of inspection skills.

Historically, the inspection field has expanded due to development of new technologies and products. In the recent past, this pace has accelerated leading to exponential expansion of the inspection applications. This, in turn, has led to a shortfall of inspection personnel all over the world. With globalization taking place in all spheres of industrial activity, inspection as a career has a golden future.

Due to the all above, among all the other specializations available, there is maximum scope for ‘NDT Inspectors / NDT Managers’.

The field of NDT is ever growing tremendously & ever expanding with more & more applications and technological developments being carried out all over the world & offers a ever growing vast arena for advancement, for NDT Technicians / Inspectors / Engineers & Managers.


  • Automotive : Engine parts / Vehicle Frame
  • Aviation : Aerospace Engine Parts / Propellor Fans / Airframes / Spaceframes
  • Powerplants : Propellers / Reciprocating Engines / Gas turbine engines
  • Bridges : Cover Meter / Maintenance, repair and operations / Bridges
  • Fabrication Inspection : Pressure vessels / Storage tanks / Boilers / Heat exchangers / Turbine bores
  • Pipelines : In-line Inspection using “pigs” / Pipeline integrity management / Leak Detection / Pipeline Open Data Standard / ASME
    Pressure Vessel and Piping as-built Inspections / Piping and Pressure Vessel Corrosion Monitoring
  • Railways : Rail Inspection / Wheel Inspection
  • Wire Rope Testing : Crane Wires, Mooring Wires, Rope-way Wires
  • Rocketry
  • Construction
  • Structures
  • Manufacturing Machine parts
  • Castings and Forgings
  • Nuclear,
  • Petrochemical,
  • Power,
  • Refineries,
  • Pulp and Paper,
  • Mine processing
  • Risk Based Mine Inspection programmes.
  • In-plant Piping
  • Full Storage tank Assessment
  • Shutdown Inspections
  • In-service Equipment Inspections
  • Tubular NDT, for Tubing material
  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Amusement park rides
  • Submarines and other Naval warshi


1. NDT is an exciting and challenging career field. Our society relies very heavily on NDT technology to keep it as safe a place to live as possible. A great deal of responsibility is placed in the hands of NDT technicians and engineers who keep our aircraft, trains and automobiles operating safely; our pipelines and chemical plants from leaking; and our bridges from collapsing. Therefore, NDT equipment and methods are constantly changing as engineers and scientists work to make the inspection technology better. NDT personnel are highly trained individuals who must continue to learn to stay abreast with changing technology.

2. The respect & demand for qualified technicians is high. The importance of NDT worldwide combined with its growing use, continues to provide individuals with NDT background many employment opportunities. Also, college programs are currently failing to provide the required qualified candidates to fill the needs of industry. This combined with the fact that high numbers of NDT Level II Technicians are getting promoted with Training & Certification in additional new upcoming Advanced NDT Methods & Level III Certifications & so NDT Personnels retiring from the field, suggest that the demand for personnel with NDT training will continue to increase.

3. The pay is good. Money is not everything but it sure helps, right? Due to the level of responsibility carried by NDT personnel and the shortage of qualified workers, salaries are relatively high.

4. There are many different types of jobs. It is relatively easy to find “a job,” but finding a job that you really like is a little more difficult. In the field of NDT job conditions vary considerably. If you are a person that loves the outdoors, there are jobs that take you outdoors. If you like a manufacturing setting, there are jobs in manufacturing facilities and if you prefer the laboratory, there are jobs there too. There are even jobs at really exciting places like NASA and offshore oil drilling platforms. NDT personnel also often find themselves in sales, marketing, and management positions. Some also become private contractors and business owners.

5. There are NDT personnel working in all parts of the world. Since the technology is used by a large variety of industries, NDT jobs are not limited to one geographical area.

6. It is a growing career field. Heightened safety and environmental awareness along with demands from consumers for high quality products continue to cause the use of NDT technology to grow. At one time NDT technology was limited to a few high technology and high risk industries such as aerospace and nuclear power. However, today NDT technology is used by a wide variety of industries as the work increases to keep product quality high and scrap rates low.

7. It is a high technology field driven by computer technology. If you like working with computers and electronics, you will probably like NDT. Computers continue to see more use in both performing scans to collect data or in data logging and processing.

8. The field of NDT is filled with opportunities for career growth and advancement. There are about 15 Methods, in which NDT Training & Certification can be taken, with many specialized techniques like PA/TOFD, which can go on increasing your pay package further accordingly.

9. Continuous Technological advancements taking place in NDT, further opens new & new avenues for further training & advancement.

10. Non-availability & shortage of engineers with NDT backgrounds has made it possible for individuals with NDT Level II & Level III technicians to easily move into good QA/QC positions.

11. The work is self-satisfying & rewarding. NDT personnel work hard in helping to keep products and systems operating safely. The sense that you are making the world a safer place by helping to prevent accidents and protecting the environment can be very gratifying.

12. The Courses are of a very short term. The Full time NDT Package Course (ie. Level II in UT/RT/MT/PT) can be completed in 1Months time. We also have convenient options for working Engineers & professionals.

13. Finally, even the Course Duration & the Fees being charged are not so high, for the Career it provides.