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Academic Qualification Required

BE/BSC/Diploma/ HSC/ITI /SSC & Any Graduates !

Ignorance, Misunderstanding & Misconception leads to Loss !

(Who can come in the field of NDT )

As Non Destructive Testing (i.e. NDT) , is a field know to a very few people & as there are few institutes who have NDT Level III to guide the students, there is a lot of ignorance, misunderstanding & misconception among the general masses, as to who can do NDT and who should come in the field of NDT & the same is depriving the masses, who remain aloof & miss the lucrative Job & Career opportunities, available in the field of NDT.

Through this write-up, we wish to make it clear as to whom all can come to the field of NDT.

Please understand ,

NDT is a specialized field & right from SSC to BE/B-Tech/ME/M-Tech, all have to undergo the same theoretical & practical Training, completely from A to Z, as per the syllabus prescribed in the guidelines, recommendations & requirements of the governing documents, codes & standards. The difference is only that the NDT Training Institutes have to take more efforts on a SSC/HSC or a non-science/non-engineering candidate, so as to enable them to understand the concepts properly & to pass the exams with the required grades.

So even a SSC / HSC or a non-science / non-engineering candidate also can become NDT Level III, with his efforts & experience.

The only differences in an SSC/HSC candidate & a BE candidate being certified as NDT Level II, can be as given below;

1) SSC, HSC, non-science/non-engineering candidates get job as NDT Technicians OR NDT Inspectors & BSC, Diploma & BE candidates get fast track promotion as NDT Supervisors & Managers.

2) The second place where academic qualification makes a difference is in becoming eligible for Level III exams;

a) BE/BSC candidates becoming eligible for Level III exams after 1 year experience as an NDT Level II Inspector,

b) Diploma candidates becoming eligible for Level III exams after 2 years experience as an NDT Level II Inspector &

c) All other candidates becoming eligible for Level III exams after 4 years experience as an NDT Level II Inspector