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Company Policies

We work with very clear operation policies & guidelines, which are the life-lines of our Organisation. It is these policies & guidelines, which are responsible for forming the company’s image and accelerating the growth and business of Smart & Reliable, Group of companies.
The feedback, suggestions received from our Customers as well as our own employees are very much important for the growth of the company. Hence, to ensure proper compliance to all the policies & guidelines laid down by the company, we have a special Customer Care Division, headed directly by none other than the owner of the company.

Note :
1) Any deviation from any of the policies & guidelines laid down by the company, should be brought directly to the notice of the owner of the company, through the form provided in Customer Care.
2) The Employees, who know, but do not bring such deviations to the notice of the owner are held responsible for the damaged caused equally as the deviator.
3) All Complaints & OR Suggestions received are confidentially viewed only by the owner of the company & appropriate corrective, rewarding or punitive measures are taken after verifying genuinity & gravity of the case without revealing the complainants identity.